coaching training

Coaching & Giving Effective Feedback

Course Description
Developing a strong team requires a good coach.  Coaching is the process of systematically developing your team and others around you. It involves turning problems into learning situations. Being an effective coach is fundamental to the success experienced by any leader in handling relationships with colleagues and team members.

Who Should Attend
Managers, Supervisors, and leaders who are looking to build stronger and more productive relationships with colleagues and direct reports.

Coaching Training Course Outline

  • Why Bother?
    Why give feedback?  Here we’ll discuss the “why,” and the principles of effective feedback, including barriers to giving feedback.
  • What is Coaching & Effective Feedback… Really?
    Together we’ll work through how to successfully deliver all types of feedback and explore the differences of coaching and feedback, and we’ll dive into the 20 best practices of an effective coach.
  • Who is Your Audience
    Appreciating differences of culture, work styles and personalities give us the ability to make an impact with our communication.  During this time, we’ll explore some differences in the people around us that we may not realize put up barriers to receiving our attempts at helping.
  • How to Set the Stage
    From establishing trust, to embracing conflict, to demonstrating commitment and creating accountability, knowing the critical nature of laying a good foundation is essential.  Together we’ll dive into practical and relevant ways to pave the way for success in coaching.
  • The Review
    Mastering techniques for praising good performance is critical for success, as is knowing how to help your team understand their areas for improvement and guiding them to develop and improve.  Here we’ll cover 10 basics for a review, and we’ll also learn to follow the OSKAR method to ensure we are covering all aspects of both evaluation and goal setting for the future.

Coaching Training Course Format – 8 hours
Combination lecture and classroom exercises.

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