Client Testimonials

Concerning QSG’s ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditing Workshop
The course was well balanced with activities and text. The instructor was one of the best I have ever experienced! Excellent communication and kept what is typically a bland topic interesting. EXCELLENT job Angelo!
-Bill Maniatis, Director of Quality, Nye Lubricants Inc.

Concerning QSG’s FMEA Workshop
Method of approaching the failure mode, design intent and process function lays a practical approach for success. I would recommend this class to others. Great job Angelo!
-Mike Edmonds, MKS Instruments Corporation

Concerning QSG’s FMEA Workshop
Lots of value in how to structure a FMEA team and run it effectively. The session was very informative and presented very well.
-Bruce Bindman, Senior Supplier Quality Engineer, Dow Chemical Corp.

Recently, I attended the Transitioning to ISO 9001:2008 workshop on August 14, 2009. The workshop was excellent. If I have the opportunity to attend future classes I definitely will.
-David MacKinnon, Quality Assurance Engineer, United Electric Controls Company

I ended up taking a lot away that I will be able to use in the future both as an auditor and a process owner. Thank again.
-David Deno, Process Manager, GE Water

Hi Angelo, just wanted you to know that we are exceptionally satisfied with QSG and Eb’s work with us. He not only served as our internal auditor, but also as a consultant/efficiency expert. For the first time, I see the value in internal audits. I am looking forward to showing Eb our progress next year.
-Karen Karen DuhamelCommunications Manager, Appli-tec

It was a pleasure meeting you. It was an exceptional ISO 9001:2008 internal auditing workshop. You made us all feel welcome and comfortable. Thank you again.
-Charlene K. Potter, Quality Assurance Manager, Loos & Co. Inc.

I just wanted to let you know that I spoke with my boss this morning about your workshop, and I highly recommended you for future Quality workshops. I also told my boss about all the exercises, practices and the audit at the end of the workshop and she seemed very impress by all that. I really enjoyed this workshop and I am planning on using all the knowledge I have obtained in the near future.
-Claudia, GE Healthcare

There was a great group of people and I know I learned a lot from you and the exercises. Hope to be taking more seminars.
-Donna Durand, Purchasing Supervisor, Foster Corporation

The QSG Business Simulation is a great session for anyone who is planning to go from a random batch way of manufacturing a product to a more streamlined process. When you get the chance to brainstorm with your fellow employees and you really see how these changes benefit all parties – the employees, the shareholders (lower costs, quicker turnover in your product & quality improvement) and your very satisfied customer – it’s great!
-Bill Maniatis, Nye Lubricants, Inc.

Over the last 2 years, we have utilized QSG’s Process-Based, Metric-Driven auditing techniques as a training and development tool in two divisions to dozens of employees. It is an interactive, dynamic method for internak auditing. The exciting thing about the workshop is every employee at any level can be involved and the messages become clear to all, everyone can fulfill a critical role in the auditing cycle and it becomes “real life” before their eyes; how much we are capable of improving, how customer expectations are ever increasing, and our role in keeping them satisfied.
-Hewlett-Packard Company, Vice-President of Operatons

QSG’s Training is very effective in that makes a difficult concept easy to understand, and fun to learn. The whole process to team-based continuous improvement and learning is constantly reinforced in the day-long exercise.
-Jay Korsu, Metalor Corporation

I found the Risk Management Training session to be an excellent way to get the concepts of world class risk management in product development.The sessions blended fun with some real benchmarking with best results. The hands-on training clearly pointed out how driving out complexity and non-value added work from your processes makes you a more competitive, customer-focused, cost-effective and low risk organization .
-Barbara Morin, Marine Polymer Technologies, Inc.

When teaching any idea to a group of individuals, it is always a challenge to combine the concepts of the material with the desire to learn effectively. QSG does an outstanding job of effectively presenting the concepts, ideas, and metrics with a learning medium of active participation. We all have a common vision of what is needed and this workshop is a good tool in telling us how to reach our goals.
-Bob Phillips, Business Process Manager, Tyco Electronics Corporation

Angelo and his staff delivered a lean manufacturing workshop which identified benchmarks, world class techniques and implementation tools that met all of our training expectations in addition to current and future business need. My staff agreed the training session was enlightening, informative and fun. Personally, I gained a lot knowledge that helped provide clear leadership and direction for our future.
-Anthony Venuto, Director of Quality, Foster-Miller Inc.

We hired QSG to perform a Supply Chain Management which met our expectations. In a short period of time they were able to understand our business, successfully identified our short and long term needs while providing a business case justified means to fund their recommended implementation approach. They made the decision to proceed easy.

-Supplier Quality Manager. Bose Corporation

We implemented all their suggestions on flow improvements and layout. Their methodology was sound and we learned how to make the changes sustainable through changes to our culture and management system.
-Vice President of Operations, Major NE Healthcare Organization.

QSG provided us with a assessment of our operations detailing a business case for change with a good implementation plan. They really got our staff enthused and involved in change through their Lean Business Simulation and then helped us implement the recommended changes on flow improvements, 5S and VMS. Their training and facilitation services were spot on.
-Plant Manager, $320M division of a $4.5B food products manufacturer with worldwide operations.

“Excellent teacher with vast knowledge on every topic. Knew how to respond and guide us through the entire process”
-Pablo Tosta, Easypak, Leominster, MA

“Dr. Lafontaine brought a wealth of knowledge to the class and kept us engaged with many relevant examples and informative anecdotes, which the entire class enjoyed.”
-Adeeb Hakim, PDF Seal, Deer Park, NY

“Hi Jim,
Just to let you know our team was very impressed with the Problem Solving Workshop ​and ​I ​am getting ​a​mazing feedback from upper management as well!”
Thank you,
Will see you next week,
-Uri Bin-Nun
Project Manager & Technology Lead, Cryocooler Development at FLIR Systems, North Billerica, MA

Hi Jim,
Thanks again for your excellent presentation of the DOE material!  I think that you have sparked considerable interest/excitement with several individuals here at Waters Corporation in pursuing DOE as a viable analytical tool.  Perhaps the next step will be to pursue the advanced DOE seminar training.  Could you send me some information on this seminar offering?  Also, I would be interested in the overall results from the survey responses if you can divulge that information.
Charlie Bergeron
Waters Corporation

Internal Auditing Training

You made the information understandable and fun. Congratulations
-Attendee from Dole & Baily Corporation.

The material was presented in an easy to understand matter. Angelo did a great job
-Attendee from Brooks Automation Corp.

Very well planned, presented and covered lots of material in 2 days
-Attendee from ThermoFisher Scientific Inc.

The speaker was very effective and presented value-added, real-life auditing examples
-Attendee from Cold Chain Technologies, Inc.

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