change management training

Change Management

Course Description
Whether you’re dealing with a planned initiative, volatile industry, or unexpected situation, change is inevitable. This course covers the Guiding Principles for Change including how to identify the organization’s approach and process to change, how to develop a business case for change, determine governance for the change, how to address the people side of change, how to create a change plan, and how to influence those who will make the change and, of course, the desired result, a reality. Instruction is provided using the Adult Learning Model and can be virtual or in-person. Taking this course will increase an employee’s ability to identify, create, navigate, and realize change effectively.

Who Should Attend
This course is designed for Supervisors, Managers, and above, including Senior Leadership, who are responsible to lead and implement changes in their organization.

Learning Objectives
Through training, participants will learn to:

  • Create alignment internally on critical changes 
  • Plan change initiatives
  • Create a process to assess and plan change 
  • Identify actions to improve the likelihood of change success
  • Analyze the current readiness of groups 
  • Identify individuals and their roles for a change
  • Outline key activities to advance a change

Course Outline

  • Communication: Creating an Executive Call to Action
  • Surface magnitude of change today / why is this important?
  • Critical Success Factors for Change / Richard Beckhard –   p(c) = f (Vision x dissatisfaction x energy)
  • Change Process: Worksheets
    • We will use one real-world organizational change to experience each step of the process
      • Define the change
      • Overview of Guiding Principles for Change
      • Business case for change
        • Why are we making this change?  Why now?  What if we don’t?  
        • Impact on the business, the team, individuals
      • Sponsorship and Other Key Roles
        • Who is responsible to ensure the benefits of the change?  Who is accountable?
        • Who is the champion – ensure all key stakeholders are on board – specific behaviors and actions 
      • Address the people side of the change
        • awareness, motivation, knowledge, skill and accountability

Breakout group activity: Work on the real-world change using the worksheets

  • How to influence people through change    
    • Discuss the Change Curve
      • Where are you on the curve for this change?  
      • Where are your team members?  
      • Does a gap exist?
      • How to make the transformation?
      • Transformation Plan
  • Influencing others to approve, accept and commit to change
    • Guiding Principles to transition: awareness, motivation, knowledge, skill and accountability 
    • Define change from the perspective of others: What is expected today?; What needs to be different in the future?; See the world thru other peoples’ lens, not yours. Their gains and losses.
    • Stakeholder Analysis Tools & Templates: How to help people transition and transform through the change.

Breakout group activity: Work on the real-world change using the worksheets

Course Format
12 hours
Combination lecture and classroom exercises
Available on-site at your organization and virtually

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