certified supplier quality professional


Course dates: November 7, 14, 16, 30 & December 5, 7, 12
2:00-5:00 pm (EST) each day

Course Description
The Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP) is a professional who works with an organization’s supply chain and suppliers to continuously improve performance of key system components (increase lifecycle, reduce scrap, improve repair processes) by implementing process controls and developing quality assurance plans. The certified supplier quality professional tracks data, identifies improvement projects, and manages cross functional implementation to improve performance of key components and suppliers.

Through discussion, review, and practice, course participants will become thoroughly familiar with the complete CSQP Body of Knowledge (BoK). Class discussions include an in-depth overview of the exam process, along with the rationales for correct answers. Sample test questions and answers offer participants a better understanding of the basic principles and applications that will appear on the exam.

This intensive course is designed to quickly and efficiently give students the information, skills, strategies, and techniques to successfully prepare to sit for the ASQ CSQP certification exam offered 4 times per year.

*Taking this course does not constitute or imply the successful passing of the ASQ CSQP exam.  Participants will need to study the course material and practice questions outside of class

Who Should Attend
This course is designed for anyone interested in sitting for the ASQ CSQP certification exam.

Learning Objectives
Through training, participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the CSQP BoK
  • Prepare to sit for and pass the ASQ CSQP certification exam

Course Outline

Module I:  Certification Overview

  • CSQP Exam
  • CSQP Body of Knowledge

Module II:  Supplier Strategy

  • Supplier Chain / Vision/Mission
  • Supplier Life Cycle Management
  • Supply Chain Cost Analysis
  • Supplier Agreement Contracts
  • Supplier Expectation Deployment

Module III:  Risk Management

  • Strategy
  • Analysis and Mitigation                               

Module IV:  Supplier Selection

  • Product Service Requirements
  • Supplier Selection Planning

Module V:  Part, Process & Service Qualification

  • Technical Review
  • Supplier Relations
  • Qualification Planning
  • Part Approval
  • Validate Requirements

Module VI:  Supplier Performance Monitoring

  • Performance Monitoring

Module VII:  Nonconformance Assessment & Capa

  • Assess Nonconforming Product/Service
  • Supplier Capa

Module VIII:  Supplier Quality Management

  • Supplier Monitoring

Module IX:  Team Processes

  • Team Development
  • Team Roles
  • Performance & Evaluation

Module X:  Relationship Management

  • Supplier Orientation
  • Communication
  • Leadership & Collaboration

Module XI:  Business Ethics & Compliance

  • ASQ Code of Ethics
  • Compliance
  • Confidentiality

Module XII:  General Exam Information, Test Taking Tips and Practice Testing


Course Format
21 hours
Combination lecture/discussion and individual/group work sessions
Available virtually, at QSG’s training facilities, or on-site at your organization

Course Instructor: Albert F. Scorza – Senior QMS Consultant, Automotive, Aerospace

Course Materials
Quality Council of Indiana material – $150

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