AS9100:2016 Consulting

AS9100:2016 (D) – QUALITY MANAGEMENT STANDARD for the International Aviation, Space and Defense Industry

AS9100D is a quality management standard for organizations in the aerospace sector (i.e., those in aviation, space, and defense). It defines a set of quality management expectations. These expectations can be found in the following sections:

  1. Context
  2. Leadership
  3. Planning
  4. Support
  5. Operations
  6. Evaluation
  7. Improvement

The original standard was published in 1997 and was called AS9000. This standard was renamed and replaced by AS9100 in 1999. AS9100 was then updated and replaced by AS9100A in 2001, AS9100B in 2004, AS9100C in 2009, and AS9100D in 2016 (which is, therefore, the fifth edition of AS9100 and the sixth edition of this aerospace standard). AS9100 is an internationally-recognized quality management system for the Aviation, Space and Defense industry that specifies the quality system requirements for the design/development, production, and where relevant, installation and servicing of a variety of products and services

The purpose of this aerospace standard is to help organizations provide products and services that meet customer needs and requirements and comply with all applicable regulatory and statutory requirements. It is also designed to encourage organizations to continually improve the quality and
performance of their products and services.

Major areas of focus include:

  • Configuration Management
  • Risk Management
  • Special Requirements
  • Critical Items
  • On Time Delivery
  • Project Management
  • Supplier Scope of Approval

Other areas of focus include:

  • Product Safety – Added in carefully selected areas and consistent with 9110
  • Human Factors – Added as a consideration in Nonconformity/ Corrective Action
  • Risk – Merged current 9100 requirements with the new ISO requirements
  • Preventive Action – Current clause requirements absorbed into Risk, Opportunities and Nonconformance
  • Counterfeit Parts – Enhanced in carefully select areas and limited new requirements
  • Configuration Management Clause – clarified and improved considerably to address stakeholder needs
  • Product Realization & Planning
  • Post Delivery Support – Merged current 9100 requirements with the new ISO requirements
  • Project Management – Combined with Operation Planning clause to address user interpretation issues
  • Design Development and Supplier Management
  • Gap analysis – ISO text has been added back in a few places to meet the IAQG needs
  • Quality Manual – Note added pointing to the requirements that make up a Quality Manual or the equivalent
  • Management Representative Requirement – added back in for Management Representative QMS oversight

When implemented and managed well, the AS9100D requirements can:

  • Produce and continually improve safe and reliable products
  • Meet or exceed customer and regulatory requirements to ensure satisfaction
  • Processes necessary to conduct day-to-day business are defined and managed
  • Documentation accurately reflects the work to be performed and actions to be taken
  • Focus on the complete supply chain and stakeholders
  • Fewer customer unique documents
  • Recognized by Regulatory Authorities

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