Advanced Strategic Supply Chain Workshop (SCOR-P)

Course Description
Having a great supply chain is more than just moving products. It’s about getting results customers will repeatedly pay you for—and that starts with integrating processes, performance, practices, and people to outperform your competition.  Start with what you have, build cohesively.

The Advanced Strategic Supply Chain Workshop (SCOR-P) provides an in-depth understanding of the latest version of the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model, widely recognized as the global model for supply chain efficiency.

Immediately following SCOR-P’s six 4-hour sessions, participants will be able to successfully start implementing SCOR-P into initiatives to align with strategy, integrate functional areas, and provide customers with irresistible performance and service others just can’t match.

Here’s the success companies have achieved:

  • Average operating income increase = 3% of sales
  • Outperforms competitors on all major supply chain indices
  • 20% inventory turns improvement
  • 25% delivery reliability improvement
  • 20% improvement in flexibility
  • 30% faster ERP system implementations with 30% more functionality and reduced implementation cost.

Who Should Attend
This course is designed for professionals in and supporting supply chain as well as their management (managers, directors. as well as VP or C-level depending on company size). Typical company attendees include people from SCM, operations, finance, procurement, planning, logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, materials, quality, IT, IS, data analytics, and customer service.

Learning Objectives
Through training, participants will learn the following:

  • Which area of supply chain to focus on first to get the best payback
  • How to get control of their supply chains
  • How to align supply chains and the business
  • The combination of initiatives that will provide the best inventory control and improvement financially

Course Outline

  1. Performance

Different definitions and siloed operations make it difficult for cohesive business activity. Set the right strategic performance mix and problems vanish. Alignment is automatic and embedded through all strategic, tactical, and operational areas. It’s like magic – and you’ll learn it here.

2. Processes

Processes are the heart of sustainable business. But when customers reign supreme and processes are ignored to keep the customer happy, sad things happen inside your business. Discover how to embed your supply chain’s custom metric hierarchy into aligned processes for unparalleled speed, perfection, and agility.

3. Practice

New tech is changing the game. Understand when new is better, when current is good enough, and how your decisions affect performance now and in the future.

Course Format
28 hours
Seven 4-hour SCOR sessions
Available virtually via Zoom or on-site at your organization.

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