Advanced DOE

Design of Experiments-Introduction to Advanced Techniques

This intensive, two-day Advanced Design Of Experiments workshop adds a new dimension of experimental design beyond what was taught in the two-day introductory DOE Workshop. Developed in response to requests from past students, this seminar introduces more advanced concepts and techniques including ANOVA (Analysis of Variance), three-level designs and Taguchi designs for handling mixed-level experiments.

Attendees will also have an opportunity to report the instructor and fellow students the outcomes of previous experiments. At the end of this two-day Advanced Design Of Experiments workshop, teams of participants will plan and design their next experiment on their own designs, products and/or processes.

Attendees should have successfully completed QSG’s two-day Introduction to Design of Experiments (DOE) Seminar or equivalent and applied some of that workshop’s designs in their own experiments. Attendees are asked to bring to this workshop data, summaries and results of their recent experiments.

Who Should Attend
Engineers, scientists and technical managers and support staff in R & D, quality, production, test and process control who are interested in taking their experimental design techniques beyond the introductory approaches. This workshop is most beneficial when a team from your organization attends together.

Learning Objectives

  • Get an in-depth review of the Introduction to Design of Experiments (DOE) material
  • Move beyond those basic techniques to learn and apply Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  • In addition to two-level designs, learn about more advanced designs that can examine factors at three levels and mixed levels
  • Learn and apply fast, efficient Taguchi screening designs
  • Receive an introduction to regression analysis and response surface methodology
  • Work with a team to design your next experiment

Course Outline          

  • Basic DOE Concepts Review and the Procedure for Managing DOE
  • Attendees’ Reports of Their Recent Applications of DOE
  • ANOVA (Analysis of Variance)
  • Taguchi and 3-Level Designs
  • Introduction to Linear Regression, Response Surface Methodology and EVOP (Evolutionary Optimization)
  • Applications/Case Studies: Printed Circuit Board Processing; Molding Process and Tooling Analysis; Petrochemical Plant DOE; Taguchi 3-Level L9 Design and Analysis of Results Using Both Taguchi’s Analytical Convention and ANOVA
  • Design and Plan for Future Experimentation

Course Format
16 hours
Combination lecture and classroom exercises
Available at QSG’s training facilities and on-site at your organization

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