Randy Gravlin – Senior Consultant – Software Development/Validation/IT Problem Solving

Randy Gravlin brings unique perspectives being an entrepreneur, methodology innovator, and professional services executive.  Mr. Gravlin has helped world-class clients solve today’s challenges, and envision their next generation processes and systems to support future growth.  Mr. Gravlin has held many titles Senior Program Manager, Director of Program Management, Executive Director and CEO.  Regardless of title he is entrepreneurial in his focus and drive toward the future by understanding the business/technical issues, building teams that create the right integrated development, test, quality assurance, governance and operations methods/planning to succeed.

Enjoys problem solving collaboratively with the right people in the room, e.g., client business and IT teams, senior leadership.  Determining appropriate approach and techniques in working as an integrated team to solving their most important challenge(s). Beyond his talent for solving problems and getting the right deliverables/results quickly – he strategizes how best to help his clients and their teams improve the way they do business.

He is driven by a strong sense of urgency and stamina, he enjoys and thrives on finding the “Genius of the AND” for business/IT problem solving. He is at his best when turning uncertainty and chaos into order, getting everyone onboard the ship and navigating in the same direction. Resourceful and innovative, he always searches out new ways to improve business efficiencies, customer interactions, by adopting and elevating best practices, techniques, and methodologies across departments/organizations.

His unique perspectives and approaches are grounded in industry experiences within Healthcare, Financial Services, Travel & Transportation, Energy, Federal, State and Provincial Governments.

He brings broad and deep sales and delivery experiences and IP from two decades of a methodology’s successful applications and experiences.  He is the acknowledged Lead Evangelist of the Rapid Collaboration Workshop (RCWTM).  RCWs are a proven differentiator across any industry, with people being trained JIT and teams delivering with speed and value worldwide, even in different languages, e.g., Air China Airlines in Beijing.

Solving complex business/IT current state challenges in planning for the future, often picking up where other efforts fell short and/or taking too much time/expense to complete.

Responsibility for the progress, learning, importance of a well-balanced life (WBL) of the people at his companies/organizations, and is proud to have mentored and guided many to progress in their careers to more senior roles.

Always Keep Improving!