Matthew Menard – Consultant, Design Engineering

Matthew Menard has working for over 15 years in the Drafting and Design field. His experience includes traditional CAD drafting for survey/site/land development/environmental plans as well as state of the art 3D modeling of mechanical systems using parametric design software. He currently works as a consultant for clients seeking CAD services and training. Prior to that, he worked for a series of medical device companies that manufactured electrical feedthroughs for implantable devices, fluid chemicals used in immunoassay testing machines, and instruments for optical surgery, respectively. In these positions, he used Solidworks software to design mechanical systems, create blueprints, simulate different engineering scenarios, produce photorealistic renders, as well as a variety of other tasks. In addition, he used traditional manufacturing techniques, as well as new 3d printing technologies to fabricate prototypes or one-off designs. In his more traditional drafting experience, he used AutoCAD, ArcMap, and proprietary GPS processing software to create a variety of different plans. For these plans, aerial photography, traditional and GPS survey data, and engineer’s designs were woven together to visually express the project.
Matt has a B.S. from University of Massachusetts Amherst’s University Without Walls program. His concentration of studies was in Technological Studies in Design and Quality. Additionally, he has
passed the Certified Solidworks Professional (CSWP) and Advanced Surfacing (CSWP-SU) exams administered by the Solidworks Corporation.

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