James P. Desrosiers – Senior Consultant, Essential & Leadership Training and Coaching

For 25+ years, Jim has developed and facilitated proven curriculum in the following areas: Leadership & Supervisory Skills, Personal Productivity, Goal Setting, Time Management, Effective Communications, Team Building, Negotiation Skills, and more. 

Jim believes only in Level 4 – Transformational Training, ensuring training participants implement and make habit of the knowledge, strategies, and tools provided in the training. His programs are goals oriented, meaning staff members identify, pursue, track, and achieve goals necessary to optimize the results of the organization.

Jim uses a combination of consulting, coaching, and training during his programs to transform people into highly effective and productive contributors, while simultaneously moving the entire organization forward as a cohesive team in a positive work environment.

Jim served in the US Air Force and has a strong passion for helping children. Once labeled “at-risk” himself, he knows what it takes to succeed and motivate others to achieve greatness. Most important to him is his family.  He married Claudia in 1996, lives in Groton, Massachusetts and they have three children and four grandchildren. They all enjoy each other and the great outdoors.

Jim earned a Masters of Management degree from Cambridge College with a dual concentration in Leadership in Human and Organizational Dynamics & Nonprofit Organization.


Always Keep Improving!