Charles L. Gioglio – Consultant, Food Safety/Quality

Mr. Gioglio served 33 plus years with the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) of USDA.  Starting his career with FSIS as a food inspector in New York City (NYC), he rose through the ranks to hold numerous positions both in the field and headquarters.  Because of his substantial knowledge and experience, he has held positions as the Director of the Recall Management Division, the Director of the Inspection and Initiatives Staff, and the Director of the Labeling and Program Development Division.  Mr. Gioglio also served USDA as the Executive Secretariat to the Meat and Poultry Inspection Advisory Committee.

He concluded his work with FSIS as a Program Manager in the Office of Field Operations (OFO) where he oversaw the development and implementation of the Public Health Information System (PHIS) for the Office of Field Operations (OFO).  Part of his role in OFO was to review and adjudicate industry appeals of noncompliance reports and decisions by inspection personnel.

Mr. Gioglio has a broad and practical understanding of meat and poultry processing industry and inspection issues.  He participated in the development and implementation of the HACCP regulations and oversaw the writing of many of the operational directives, notices, and policies that provide guidance and instruction to inspection personnel to implement the PHIS.  Mr. Gioglio worked with the FSIS Center for Learning (CFL) to help develop the training to implement the PHIS, as well as the updated Inspection Methods (IM) and Import Inspection Training.

Mr. Gioglio regularly conducted monthly webinars for FSIS field supervisors and Enforcement, Investigation, and Analysis Officers (EIAOs) to deliver training and correlate on the implementation of PHIS and new inspection policies and initiatives.  Examples include the new tools EIAOs use for conducting Comprehensive Food Safety Assessments (FSAs), and inspector and supervisor responsibilities for the Hazard Analysis Verification (HAV) tasks.

Presently, Mr. Gioglio works as a Food Safety Consultant with the HACCP Consulting Group, LLC.  He provides HACCP and food safety training, program development, and advice to food companies nationwide.   Through Safe Foods Connections, LLC, Mr. Gioglio serves as an adjunct trainer for the FSIS, Center for Learning and delivers Inspection Methods Training and Import Inspection Training.

Mr. Gioglio is also an authorized lead instructor to train the Food Safety and Preventive Controls (FSPCA) course developed by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance and FDA to qualify preventive controls individuals for the food industry.  He has provided Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) training to both industry and FDA groups.

Prior to joining the FSIS, Mr. Gioglio was the Quality Control Manager of John Krauss, Inc., a meat processing establishment in Jamaica, NY.  He began his career in the food business as a butcher and Delicatessen Manager in his family’s retail stores some 40 years ago.

Mr. Gioglio holds an AAS in Food Processing Technology from The State University of New York, and a BA in management from National Lewis University.

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