Webinar: 10 Tips to Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of your FMEA (Failure Modes & Effects Analysis) Process

When: tbd

Webinar instructor: Angelo Scangas – CEO and Chief Customer Officer

The importance of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) in product and process design has created the need for effective FMEA Training. The training must include the best practices and methods combined with the hands-on experience gained in a workshop setting.

DFMEA and PFMEA are the two most frequently used FMEA. DFMEA should be used throughout the design process from the preliminary design to when the product is released for process. DFMEA and PFMEA are used to discover failures as early in product development as possible and take counter measures that mitigate the risks found in the FMEA. Risk is used as a substitute for failure in product and process development

FMEA fundamentals and tips to improve the process:
· Risk Management overview
· Identification of key requirements
· Core team
· Potential Design/Process failure modes
· Potential effects of failure
· Severity: evaluation criteria
· Potential failure causes/mechanisms
· Occurrence: evaluation criteria
· Current Design/Process controls
· Detection: evaluation criteria
· Risk priority number (RPN)
· Recommended actions

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