Quality Support Group, Inc. has been helping organizations reach their core objectives since 1993.  Headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts, QSG is a leading international consulting company and training firm delivering organizational continuous improvement.

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QSG’s unique integration of improvement methodologies is designed to deliver organizational improvements and cost savings benefits. We bring to our clients a depth of experience that is uncommon.  Our consulting company model delivers proven performance with a range of business sectors including aerospace, defense, medical device, and food safety, and we serve organizations of any size from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

QSG is ready to provide in-person classes following social distancing and local guidelines in regards to COVID-19. For those clients who are not allowing employees to attend public sessions or non-essential training, we will continue to deliver training virtually. Please Contact Us if you have questions.
Adapting and Thriving with Distance Learning!

Featured Publication: Qualitative versus Quantitative Risk Analysis – Which is Better?
by Bob Deysher – Senior Consultant, Quality Systems/Risk Management/Auditing

Both Qualitative and Quantitative risk assessments are effective when used for the appropriate applications. Quantitative risk analysis is focused on the “quantity” of an object, event, or action. Quantitative risk analysis typically uses numerical data to analyze combined risks and uncertainty on a project. Qualitative risk analysis, on the other hand, is focused on the “quality” of that object, event, or action. Qualitative risk analysis is a quicker way of the two to establishing risk priorities. Continue reading this article!

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