Blueprint Reading

Prints are manufacturing instructions and generally contain a drawing, dimensions, and notes. Print Reading is the universal form of communication allowing the engineering department and the manufacturing department to communicate all the information that is needed to manufacture a product. Upon completion of the program, you will have gained a new set of skills for reading engineering prints.

Course Outline:
• The Basics of Manufacturing Prints
• The Reading of Manufacturing Prints
• The Lines and Views of Manufacturing Prints
• The Total Manufacturing Print
• Dimensions
• Tolerances
• Surface Texture
• Threads
• Fasteners
• Gears
• Machine Terms and Holes
• Machining Requirements
• Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
• Types of Manufacturing Prints and Computer-Aided Design

Students will be able to:
• Form an image of a 3D part in their minds based on a print
• Read & understand pertinent manufacturing information from prints
• Identify all dimensional and tolerance requirements of parts on the print
• Understand common fabrication notes
• Interpret industry standard symbols used on prints to communicate requirements

Modes of Teaching and Learning:
• Lecture/discussion
• Individual work sessions
• Group work sessions
• Large print review

Textbook: Blueprint Reading Basics, 3rd ed., by Warren Hammer, Industrial Press

Who Should Attend:
• Machine operators, quality control inspectors, NC programmers, shop supervisors, metal-working manufacturing personnel, engineers, engineering managers, and other manufacturing professionals interested in learning how to read blueprints or updating their knowledge in this area.

Course Format
8 hours
Combination lecture and classroom exercises
Available at QSG’s training facilities and on-site at your organization


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