Training Grants

Government funding is available to help businesses train incumbent and newly hired workers. At the state level, economic development agencies often offer assistance in the form of grants. State training grant programs vary in size and scope, but in most cases they are designed to upgrade the skills of workers in order to improve business productivity and competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Our clients have received millions of dollars in grant funding for employee training. Regardless of region and industry, QSG will help your business identify grant programs that meet your training needs and work with you to provide the information and resources necessary to apply for a training grant.

Massachusetts provides businesses with funding to train incumbent and newly hired employees through the Workforce Training Fund Programs (WTFP). Grant opportunities include a General Program for customized training in job-related skills, as well as Express Program grants for small companies to address their employee training needs through a list of pre-approved courses.

Recent General Program Training Grant awards for QSG clients in Massachusetts include:
$242,000 to CPI, Inc. for Lean Sigma and Quality Tools Training
$234,00 to Cabot Corporation for Lean Processes, Project Management, SPC, & Kaizen Events
$159, 244 to Innovative Mold Solution Lean/Six Sigma Leadership, GD&T, SPC & DOE
$142,000 to Hypertronics (now Smiths Connectors) for Lean, GD&T, FMEA, and ESOL training
$110,240 to GTR Manufacturing for Supervisory Skills, Solderablitly, Lean/Six Sigma Leadership
$100,000 to ABnote USA for Lean Manufacturing training
$94,000 to Sekisui Voltek for ISO 14001 and Lean/Six Sigma Leadership training
$86,400 to FLEXcon for ISO 14644 training (Clean Room)
$82,800 to Majalite Corporation Lean/Six Sigma Leadership, FMEA & Kaizen Events
$80,400 to Vacuum Barrier Corporation for ISO 9001 and Kaizen Events training
$67,000 to Uno Foods, Inc. for Safe Quality Food (SQF) training
$48,000 to Hub Folding Box for Food Safety/HAACP and SQF Level II
$32,640 to Stellar Industries Corp. for AS9100 training
$17,680 to T & T Anodizing for ISO9001:2008

Express Program Training Grants:
Massachusetts-based companies with 100 or fewer employees that register in advance may be eligible for 50% reimbursement of the total cost of training through the Workforce Training Fund Express Program. Please contact QSG for more information.
QSG is an approved training provider for over 30 QSG Express Approved Courses, including:
  • ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Implementation and Auditing
  • Medical Device Validation, ISO 13485 Implementation and Auditing
  • Problem Solving, CAPA, FMEA, SPC, DOE
  • SQF Implementation, Food Safety/HACCP
When workers lack needed training and businesses experience skill gaps, the company’s ability to compete, expand, and retain workers can be compromised. Florida’s Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) Program, funded by the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), and administered by CareerSource Florida (CSF) addresses such needs. The IWT Program was created for the purpose of providing grant funding for continuing education and training of incumbent employees at existing Florida businesses. The program will provide reimbursement grants to businesses that pay for pre-approved, direct, training-related costs. Currently, companies may receive a reimbursement rate up to 50% or 75%.

The Michigan Economic Development Job Training (EDJT) program is designed to provide job training assistance to the State’s employers. Priority is given to projects that demonstrate a need for high-skill training and create or retain high-wage, high-skill jobs, in industries such as advanced manufacturing, life sciences, technology, and Homeland Security and defense.

New Hampshire
The New Hampshire Job Training Fund is available to businesses located in the New Hampshire, as well as businesses intending to locate in the State, that pay quarterly taxes into the NH Unemployment Trust Fund. Training programs may include: structured, on-site laboratory or classroom training; basic skills; technical skills; quality improvement; safety; management and supervision; and English as a second language.

New Jersey
The Skills4jersey Training Grant Program provides funding for employers to upgrade the skills of incumbent and newly hired employees, for the purposes of retaining highly skilled and high wage jobs in New Jersey. Eligible projects include classroom, on-the-job, and computer-based training for a variety of industries.

A robust, motivated, well-educated, and highly trained workforce is critical for the retention and expansion of all businesses in Ohio. In their efforts to improve their economic competitiveness, employers must find ways to consistently upgrade the skills of their workforce through educational and training opportunities. To this end, the Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program will fill a gap in current workforce development programs by providing needed training dollars to Ohio’s incumbent workforce through a unique public-private partnership. The ultimate goal of this program is twofold: allow employers to retain and grow their existing Ohio workforce and create a statewide workforce that can meet the present and future demands in an ever changing economy.

Rhode Island
The Governor’s Workforce Board of Rhode Island Express Grant Program solicits applications for workforce improvement programs designed to increase the skills of the incumbent workforce and support the competitiveness and growth of Rhode Island businesses.

Workforce training assistance in Virginia is provided through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP), an economic development incentive providing customized recruiting and training services to companies that are creating new jobs or experiencing technological change.

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