QSG Consultants and Staff

Quality Support Group is a one-stop consulting solution for companies. We identify and deliver both strategic and operational level improvements to our clients. QSG’s consulting services include developing and implementing business and quality management systems, leading Lean-Sigma initiatives, and designing risk management strategies.

Our Consultants:

Angelo Scangas, President and CEO

James F. Leonard, Senior Consultant – Process Improvement/Lean Six Sigma

Paul Hine, Senior Consultant – Lean Six Sigma

Derek Churchill, Senior Consultant/Program Manager–Quality Management Systems/Auditing

Bob Deysher, Senior Consultant – Quality Systems/Risk Management/Lead ISO 9001:2015

David L. McDonald, Consultant – Quality/Regulatory Systems/ISO 13485/Second Party Audits

David Potty, Senior Consultant – Quality Management Systems/Auditing

Cathy M. Crawford, Senior Consultant – Food Safety/Quality/HACCP

Jack Burnham, Consultant – Quality Systems, Lean Six Sigma

Dr. Daniel E. Lafontaine, Consultant – Food Safety/Quality/HACCP

Betty Lane, Consultant – Medical Device/Regulatory Compliance

Jim Haluch, Consultant – Lean Six Sigma

Jennifer Hoppe, Consultant

Eberhard Schmidt, Consultant – Quality Management Systems, European Operations

Jacques-Antoine Jean, Senior Consultant

Susan Briggs, Consultant, Environmental Management Systems / ISO 14001

Roderick Gray, Consultant – Quality Management Systems, Midwest Operations (USA)

W.R. (Bill) Harding, Consultant – Lean Manufacturing 

Rich Rattey, Consultant & Director of Southwest Florida Operations

E. George Woodley, Six Sigma Master BlackBelt

Steven Rakitin, Consultant – Software Engineering

Robert A. Savage, Food Safety/QualityConsultant 

Charles L. Gioglio, Food Safety/Quality Consultant

Lynn Hodges, Food Safety/Quality Consultant

Albert F. Scorza, Senior QMS Consultant – Automotive, Aerospace 

Steven Bonacorsi, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Gordon Roberts – Quality and Regulatory Consultant

Don Morin- Lean Six Sigma Consultant

Ruthann S. Rapp – Quality Systems Consultant

Christopher Kotsopulos – Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Laura Halleck – Consultant, Quality Systems (Automotive, Aerospace)

Support Staff:

Barbara Maclachlan, Director – Client Relations

Michael Godley, Grant Writer

Phil Scangas, Grant Writer, Digital Content Manager

Stephanie Scangas, Training Coordinator



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